National competition in applied informatics and statistics

National competition in applied informatics and statistics

Ilian Georgiev Published on 2017-03-13 from Ilian Georgiev

On 25.02.2017 in the building of the test center of UNWE in Sofia was held this year's edition of the National Competition in Applied Informatics and Statistics. The objectives of the competition were to strengthen the motivation of students in computer science and statistics, to provide them with opportunities for creative expression, as well as to ensure a smooth transition of high school students in high school.

Only 12th grade students could participate in the competition. It was held individually, and each participant had 150 minutes of time, for which he had to solve 40 test tasks in computer science and 20 test tasks in statistics. Each question had 5 possible answers, of which only one was correct. The maximum number of points was 240, with 4 points for the correct answer, 1 point for the wrong one, and 0 points for each incomplete question.

The ranking is based on the number of points received. The winners with the highest number of points were awarded an excellent 6.00 for the competitive exam for applying to UNWE for the subfield "Applied Informatics, Communications and Econometrics", which after the second year becomes a specialty "Business Informatics and Communications" or in "Statistics and Econometrics" - at the student's choice. A final report on the results of the participants was prepared, in which the points were noted. Luckily for me, I got into it, and I was awarded an excellent 6.00 for a competitive exam, which in practice means that I have already been accepted as a student at the University of National and World Economy in the academic year 2017/2018.

I would like to thank the University of National and World Economy for the perfect organization and the smooth running of the competition, as well as Mr. Prof. Dr. Ec. Prof. Stati Statev - Rector of UNWE. I would not like to thank Mr. Yasen Daskalov, who helped me a lot in registering for the competition, as well as Mrs. Magdalena Georgieva, who paid special attention to me in my preparation for the competition itself.

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