First place in a national competition in Project Management

First place in a national competition in Project Management

Ilian Georgiev Published on 2017-02-22 from Ilian Georgiev

On February 17, 2017 (Friday) the Academy of Economics "Dimitar A. Tsenov" in Svishtov organized national student competitions in five areas: Project Management, Customs and Tax Control, Marketing in Action, Management Academy and Young Agricultural Entrepreneur .

In the field of Project Management we took part a total of 12 students from the school where I study - Sofia University "Vazrazhdane" - Ruse, and in the whole competition - a total of about 220 students from all over Bulgaria - mostly eleventh and twelfth graders.

During the competition we developed a project proposal for a current program in Bulgaria with a focus on youth development. All participants were divided into teams. We had to define a problem within a pre-selected thematic area, to formulate a goal and define the target groups of the project proposal, to indicate the activities that will achieve the set goals of our project, as well as to present the expected results. from the implementation of the activities set in the project before a highly qualified jury.

Because of their participation and the courage to compete with so many students from all over Bulgaria - each participant received a certificate that he participated. The participants who performed best of all also received diplomas, accompanied by a bunch of prizes. They were diverse - some received diplomas for first place, and others received special awards.

I, together with the other participants who were in my team, won the award for first place, which turned out to be the most prestigious in the field. It is important to note that the performance of all of us from Sofia University "Vazrazhdane" - Ruse was at a very high level. Absolutely everyone learned something new, upgraded their knowledge in the field of Project Management and met a bunch of cool people his age.

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