National competition "Virtual Enterprise"

National competition "Virtual Enterprise"

Ilian Georgiev Published on 2017-01-26 from Ilian Georgiev

In 2017, the national competition "Virtual Enterprise" will be held again, in which young people between the ages of 15 and 19 have the opportunity to test their business skills. Our task is to place on the market an innovative product - a hologenerator - a device capable of reproducing images in the form of holograms, and to realize the highest possible profit.

The competition is organized at national, European and world level. In Bulgaria, "Virtual Enterprise" is included in the official calendar of the Ministry of Education, Youth and Science for Olympiads and national competitions. In Europe, this initiative is known as the Virtual Business Challenge (VBC), and globally as the HP Global Business Challenge.

The training company that I represent and of which I am the manager of "SkyTeam" AD was successfully registered for the first round of the competition. It was necessary for each of us to have a certificate for responsible business from the "Social Innovation" initiative. For this purpose, we solved a test, thanks to which we secured it.

Within a few months, our virtual companies will start their business on equal terms and will decide on five main indicators of the product: price, production, marketing, capital investment and R&D. Our decisions must be in line with the real market situation and macroeconomic policy. The final ranking is done through the so-called market performance index (IPA), which compares the results according to pre-set criteria and the company with the highest IPA.

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