I graduated!

I graduated!

Ilian Georgiev Published on 2017-06-22 from Ilian Georgiev

On 20.06.2017 in the hall of the school where I studied for 5 years - Sofia University "Vazrazhdane" - Ruse was a solemn presentation of diplomas for secondary education to high school graduates from the class of 2017, among whom I was.

My matriculation exams in Bulgarian language and literature and Philosophy were passed successfully, and my high school diploma is very good (5.31).

I am happy that 5 years ago I managed to make the right choice by choosing a school where I could both develop and grow as a person, as well as be in the best possible social environment. I want to thank all my teachers who taught me in the period 8.-12. class, as well as the management of Sofia University "Vazrazhdane" - Ruse for all the unforgettable moments and successes!

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